It is entirely possible! And Thandiwe Mweetwa is living proof. | WWF Zambia

It is entirely possible! And Thandiwe Mweetwa is living proof.

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26 May 2016

Each year National Geographic names, from hundreds of people named as National Geographic Society (NGS) Explorers, its Emerging Explorers. “ Thandiwe is one of a select handful (13) of Explorers to receive this prestigious award and we couldn’t be prouder” observed Dr. Matthew Becker, CEO of the Zambia Carnivore Programme. Dr. Becker has mentored Thandiwe since she started with ZCP in May 2009, has helped make this possible. Thandi has since acquired her BSc and is currently pursuing her MSc.

Dr. Christiaan van der Hoeven, WWF Netherlands’ Advisor – Ecological Networks and Species Conservation is elated with Thandi’s achievement: “… Thandi, I won’t forget how I was able to join you in the field, scooping lion spoor… seeing you work with the youngsters, and you driving, while talking, tracking, laughing, fiddling around, very cool! And for someone so modest, it deserves to receive such recognition!”

Join us in congratulating Thandiwe for this well-deserved recognition. Being recognized as the 2016 emerging explorer by the National Geographic Society – a research award to enable emerging explorers who are making a difference and changing the world to realize their potential. This award speaks volumes of the Zambia Carnivores Programme’s contribution to developing research capacity among emerging Zambian conservationists.

WWF Zambia is proud of this achievement and looks forward to continued collaboration with, and support to the Zambian Carnivore Programme in training future wildlife scientists .

Thandiwe Mweetwa
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