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Earth Hour

Earth hour
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On the 25th of March 2017, the entire world will be commemorating Earth Hour from 8.30pm – 21:30pm (Local time). Earth hour is a global environmental movement by The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) which was started in Sydney Australia in 2007 and has since grown to be the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment.
This year’s event is an opportunity for Zambia to focus on alternative sources of energy given the impact climate change has had on our traditional sources of power. For this reason we have the mantra “SWITCHING TO RENEWABLE, SUSTAINABLE AND CLEAN ENERGY” to this year’s theme “SHINE A LIGHT ON CLIMATE ACTION”.
In February 2017, WWF Zambia engaged the first lady of Zambia, Mrs. Esther Lungu, on Earth Hour and the impacts of climate change. Mrs. Lungu spoke passionately about the severe effects of climate change on the most vulnerable in society and the need for unity in climate action and noted that mothers and girls are forced to spend a lot of time fetching firewood for cooking or exposed to dangerous fumes from charcoal because of the energy crisis, this is to the detriment of empowering activities such as education.
Against this background, WWF Zambia intends to raise awareness on the need for climate action using Social and traditional media, as well as opinion influencers and decision makers around the country to ring out the discussion as a unified front. That is why we have engaged various stakeholders including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Zambia Electricity Supply Cooporation (ZESCO), Muhanya Solar, Sunny Money, Energy Regulation Board, Zambia Parliamentary Conservation Caucus (ZPCC) and Vitalite amoung many others.
The Young Conservation Trailblazers will also be engaged to be involved in Earth Hour through different activities including a flash mob on the days leading up to the main event.
The campaign will culminate into the biggest concert of the year, with a massive powerhouse of Entertainment featuring Slap D, Wezi, Kantu, Nora, Maureen Lilanda, Amayenge, Khuzie plus many more great performances on the 25th of March from 14hrs till 21:30 at QueensMead in Longacres, Lusaka. Tickets for the concert are only 50kwacha at the gates and 30Kwacha presale. Sign up here to purchase your ticket and show your support for climate action.
Earth Hour 2017, together we can change climate change!
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WWF Zambia Team with the First Lady at State House in Lusaka
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