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WWF Zambia courts First Lady on climate action

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20 February 2017
Climate change is a very serious issue that is affecting Zambians on a daily basis. These were the sentiments of Dr Nyambe Nyambe, The Country Director at WWF Zambia. He proclaimed that the country has seen first-hand severe consequences of climate change, noting that the unpredictable weather patterns that have characterized the last two years show us the need for immediate change. He further highlighted the importance of climate action such as exploring renewable energy as a compliment to hydro-electric power for sustainable development.
For this reason, WWF Zambia officials decided to make a courtesy call to the First Lady Mrs. Esther Lungu at State house. Mrs. Lungu added to Dr Nyambe’s statement by speaking on how climate change affects Zambians at a house hold level explaining that
“Mothers and girls are forced to spend a lot of time fetching firewood for cooking or exposed to dangerous fumes from charcoal Because of the energy crisis and this is to the detriment of other activities that would empower them such as education”
This move by WWF is a way of engaging not only the government but different stakeholders in the Private and public sectors as well as opinion influencers and partnering with them to push the agenda to #ChangeClimateChange.
The theme for Earth Hour this year is ‘Shine a Light on Climate Action’, however WWF Zambia is also working with the Mantra “Switching to Renewable, Sustainable and Clean energy’. This is in order to shift the attitudes of Zambians towards sustainable energy sources in order to combat climate change and also reduce our over reliance on hydro-electric power.
Earth hour is an event where millions of people, business and landmarks set aside an hour to switch off their lights, host events and make noise about climate change. It’s the biggest grassroots initiative in the world and was started in 2007 by WWF in Sydney, Australia.
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