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The history of WWF in Zambia started in 1962 on the Kafue Flats with the purchase of private land which was donated to the Government to create Lochinvar and Blue Lagoon National Parks. Since then WWF operated through a series of specific isolated projects including support to anti-poaching, conservation education, community based natural resource management and wetlands conservation. In 1991 WWF signed a memorandum of understanding  with the Government of the Reppublic of Zambia (GRZ) to create a coordinating office in Zambia. From a species and protected areas thematic focus, WWF Zambia's scope has expanded thematically and geographically to include freshwater, forestry, climate change adaptation, energy, education for sustainable development, extractives and governanc. These programmes are delivered with partners in the Kavango Zambezi Transboundary Conservation Area, Upper Zambezi, Luangwa-Zambezi, Kafue Flats and Bangweulu focal landscapes.

Our Mission

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Our mission is to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, and build a future in which people live in harmony with nature.