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Raquel Filgueras, Freshwater Team Leader
Raquel Filgueiras is WWF-Zambia’s Freshwater Team Lead. For the last 7 years Raquel has worked in some of Zambia’s most important wetland systems. She holds an MSc. in Conservation Biology and brings 20 years of experience working in marine and terrestrial protected areas management. In her current role at WWF Zambia she manages 10 freshwater staff and provides support to an additional staff member in Mozambique.
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Dr. Loreen Katiyo, Senior Hydrologist
Dr. Loreen Katiyo joined WWF Zambia in June 2015. Before joining WWF she worked as an Hydrologist with the Zimbabwe National Water Authority. She worked as a Specialist in Civil and Environmental Engineering with the University of Zimbabwe, Chinhuyi Institute of Technology as well at the Institute of Water and Sanitation in Zimbabwe.
Dr. Katiyo holds a BSc in Civil Engeering from the University of Zimbabwe, an MSc in Water Resources Engineering and a PhD in Bioscience Engineering from the Catholic University in Belgium
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Faith Chivava, GIS Specialist


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Chanda Mwale Kumwenda, Project Officer - Freshwater Programme
Chanda Mwale Kumwenda is a Geographer and Environmental Scientist by training. She serves as Project Officer under the Freshwater Programme.
She comes with professional experience in solid waste management, and environmental and social impact assessments. A self-driven person who aspires to contribute towards meaningful and impactful natural resource management in Zambia. She believes that Zambia does not have to be confined to a particular development trajectory and can chart her own unique and sustainable path in harmony with nature.
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Sharon Thomas George, Wetlands Officer
Following a lifelong passion for nature, Sharon pursued a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management at the University of Zambia, and later on a Master of Science in Conservation Biology at the University of Cape Town.
She has over 8 years of combined consulting, industry and teaching experience in the fields of conservation and environmental management and has worked in various positions under a diverse range of organizations, institutions and private businesses.  She currently works as Wetlands Officer under WWF Zambia’s Freshwater Programme.
Her technical strengths and interests include wetland and freshwater ecology, invasive biology, wildlife management, habitat modelling and field data analysis.
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Daniel Phiri, Project Assistant - Kafue River & Rowing Center Project
Daniel Phiri is a Project Assistant on the Freshwater Programme, responsible for the development of the Kafue River and Rowing Centre Project.
He joined WWF Zambia as an intern under Administration in March 2014, and later moved to the Freshwater Programme in August the same year. Before joining WWF, Daniel worked as a Publishing Assistant at Majionera Publishers Ltd in Lusaka.
He holds a BA Library with Information Studies with Economics from the University of Zambia. He is passionate about Ecological-Economics and Freshwater Ecosystems
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Angela Luanga, Administrator


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