Agriculture minister hails WWF efforts in promoting environmentally-friendly farming  | WWF Zambia

Agriculture minister hails WWF efforts in promoting environmentally-friendly farming 

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01 May 2017
AGRICULTURE minister Ms. Dora Siliya has commended the World Wide Fund for Nature in Zambia (WWF Zambia) for its efforts in promoting environmentally-friendly farming practices.

WWF is spearheading conservation farming in Sioma district in the Western Province of Zambia where it has recruited close to 3,500 farmers since 2009, providing training on the practice of conservation farming and initial seed capital.
Domiciled in the Sioma Ngwezi national park, Sioma farmers live side-by-side with nature and their farming activities have sometimes been a source of conflict between them and wildlife in the area.

The minister has acknowledged WWF's good work, saying it is important that small-scale farmers continue with the practice even in the organization’s absence as it helps preserve nature and withstands unfavourable weather conditions.

"In a world influenced by climate change, we must take efforts to mitigate its (climate change) harsh impacts by reducing the use of harmful chemicals, an example of which are fertilisers,” she says.
“Because of our changing environment, there is a real case for organic farming which has also proven to improve yields.”

According to Provincial Agriculture Coordinator for Southern Province, Dr Max Choombe, conservation farming has a lot of benefits. It preserves the moisture in the soil, and ensures minimum disturbance of the soil.
“Conservation farming is four times quicker than conventional farming, especially on the preparation of land. In contrast, conventional farming involves intensive tillage (ploughing), concentrated monoculture production and extensive use of chemical fertilizers among other harmful practices” he said.

Dr. Choombe added that Conventional farming is costly in terms of labour, it consumes a lot of time and most importantly is not a good practice for soil health. He has urged farmers to adopt conservation farming, explaining that even their yields would be larger.

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