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Mphangwe Radio – One Strong Voice

Mphangwe radio was registered in 2003 and started its operations in 2008. The name of the station means vegetation.

It is also the name of the closest hill, located right opposite the station. It has a coverage of 70% of the province, and works with over 25 radio listener clubs that help to spread its message.
The radio station also works with various civil society organizations, government departments and traditional leaders to raise awareness about the negative impacts of deforestation through - charcoal production and unsustainable farming methods, and their effects on water levels.

In partnership with the Zambian Governance Foundation, WWF supported these efforts. Through these programmes, awareness has been raised, with more communities gaining a better understanding of the importance of the Luangwa River, and its connection to tributaries. Furthermore, traditional leaders have enforced bylaws that state that anyone found cutting trees or poisoning fish in rivers are fined.
By Nchimunya K Banda

Abraham Phiri, a dj at Mphangwe radio, Chipata.