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Elephant collaring in Sioma

Posted on
03 August 2017
By Eneya B. Phiri

This August, in partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife and Elephant Connection, we plan to take an amazing journey in the Silowana Complex to research the movement of Elephants found in that region. The research will be conducted by specialists involving about 8 Elephants in the Sioma Ngwezi National Park. The elephants will safely be fitted with GPS satellite collars and the GPS data collected will provide an insight on their transboundary movements which will be used to identify wildlife corridors, migration paths and vacant habitats. The collaring operation, if successful, will provide a baseline of information about their habitat needs, density and distribution, demography, ecology, behaviour and social organization. This data will be used to guide conservation planning and action for securing legally protected wildlife movement corridors through scientific research of elephant landscape use, impediments to their movements and threats to their survival that restrict connectivity with cross-border elephant populations.


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