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Miombo Eco-regional Project

The Miombo Ecoregion covervation Programme is a regional programme implemented in Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Zambian sub-project started in 2004 and has been implementing activities in the Bangweulu basin that have addressed different conservation issues such as freshwater, forests, protected areas, sustainable agriculture and livelihoods as they relate to sustainable forest management. The Bangweulu basin is situated in the Muchinga and Luapula provinces of Zambia and encompasses an area of over 6000 km2 between longitudes 290 00 to 31O15’E and latitudes 11O00 to 12O30’S covering six Chiefdoms (Kopa, Chiundaponde, Bwalya Mponda, Kabinga, Nsamba, Chitambo). The Bangweulu Miombo project is implemented within Bangweulu basin in chief Chiundaponde. The current phase of the project “Socio-Ecological Transitions in the Miombo Woodlands” is for three years up to June,

The Bangweulu Miombo project has been empowering communities in Chiundaponde village in Mpika by building their organizational capacity to conserve the forests and improve their livelihood through beekeeping initiatives. WWF has facilitated the capacity building through the five bee keeping community based organisations (CBOs), Kabulumo, Chaya, Chiundaponde, Chikanda and Kalweo.  The project promotes sustainable forest management through the formalization of traditional land management by local communities using honey production and conservation agriculture as benefits or incentives.
The Miombo project has been able to achieve the following

  • Facilitation of the acquisition of 3,275ha of forests set aside for local community management through the memorandum of understanding between the Bee Keeping CBOs and the traditional leadership

  • Enhancement of livelihoods of 236 households that have benefited from about 4 tonnes of honey produced per annum

  • 5 CBOs have been supported with skills in entrepreneurship, beekeeping enterprising and sustainable forests management

The ultimate goal of the project is to facilitate the development and implementation of management plans for the forests under community management. In future, the project aims to expand to other parts of Zambia and replicate the activities being implemented in the Bangweulu Basin.

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Miombo forest near Nkondo
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Bee hives in Kabulumo community forest
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Bee hives in Kabulumo community forest