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Species and Protected

The WWF Zambia Species and Protected Areas Programme started in 2011. It is designed to coordinate and support various aspects of wildlife, forestry, and freshwater species conservation. It also deals with the complexities of protected areas management in the focal landscapes in Zambia.
Located at the convergence of Africa’s two large river systems, the Zambezi and the Congo Rivers,  Zambia lies within the southern Africa centre of endemism  and is thus is biologically very diverse. As a result of this Zambia has allocated almost 40% of its landmass to a protected area network that consists of 20 National Parks, 39 Game Management Areas, 450 Forest reserves and botanical reserves  as well as a number of National Heritage sites.
 The species and protected areas work focusses on supporting the management of priority species  which consist of endangered species (African Elephant, African Rhino, African Lion. African Wild dog, Shoebill, Zambezi Teak, pangolins), and a selected list of species of national importance (Lechwe species, hippopotamus, crocodile, Cheetah, leopard, Cranes, Mukwa, Mopane forests, and Indigenous fish species)


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