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By 2030, the environment, natural resources and biodiversity in Zambia are secured and sustainably managed for people and nature.

We Organise our work around these areas:

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Introduction to Conservation Agriculture

Conservation Agriculture (CA) is an approach to farming that improves and sustaines productivity, increases profits and food security while ...

12 Sep 2017 Read more »

Govt hails WWF’s efforts in promoting environmentally-friendly farming

SIOMA District Commissioner Maurice Litula has appealed to the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Zambia to help in sensitizing the communities around ...

02 Sep 2017 Read more »

Its restocking time!!!

We are very excited about the restocking of the Sioma Ngwezi national park. This week, in partnership with Department of National Parks and Wildlife ...

25 Aug 2017 Read more »

Farewell Lady Liuwa

We are saddened by the death of a celebrated lioness, famously known as ‘Lady Liuwa’ who lived in the Liuwa Plain National Park. As confirmed by ...

11 Aug 2017 Read more »
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