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WWF Zambia December 2023 Newsletter
© WWF Zambia
The 4th Edition of the WWF Zambia Newsletter

Dear Esteemed Supporters, Partners, Volunteers, Staff, Experts, and Advocates,

As we gather for our December newsletter, the pages of this edition carry a unique blend of joyous celebration and bittersweet farewells. It is with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation that we bid farewell to our esteemed COUNTRY DIRECTOR, Nachilala Nkombo, commemorating an extraordinary six-year journey marked by unwavering dedication and transformative impact.
In this issue, we invite you to join us in reflecting upon the outcomes of COP28, where global conversations and commitments towards environmental sustainability have taken center stage. The Let's Secure Zambezi campaign, a testament to our collective efforts, will be revisited as we get into the strides made in safeguarding this vital ecosystem.  Our sustainable Luangwa project, a beacon of hope for conservation, was spotlighted, showcasing the strides we have taken to ensure a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature. Click link below to download a copy!