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Zambian Youth for Conservation, Agriculture and Livelihood Action


On 23rd October 2017, WWF Zambia in partnership with GAIA education and Young Emerging Farmer’s Initiative (YEFI) officially launched the Zambian Youth for Conservation, Agriculture and Livelihood Action project (ZYCALA). The project is supported by the Scottish government implemented in the districts of Mkushi, Serenje and Chitambo in Central province. 


In the next 40 years, increased demand for food will put pressure on agricultural, aquaculture and fishing resources that are already strained. The strain to produce crops and sell food at affordable levels will impact the planet and the world’s poor. 

More young people need to get involved in conservation efforts and be empowered with skills that will allow them to access alternative sources to income such as poultry and bee-keeping.

Did you know?

Food security can be enhanced through food diversification.

© Gareth Bentley / WWF-US

WWF is working with partners to increase the opportunities and effectiveness of youths as agents of change in improving the management of social and natural systems through ecosystem conservation actions and advocacy campaigns.

We are increasing the capacity of households to maintain and increase food production and food security by adopting more sustainable agriculture practices.

Finally we are supporting an increase in income generation for young people through empowering them to setup agriculture enterprises.