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Climate & Energy

Climate change is real.

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The planet is getting dangerously warmer! All nations need to move rapidly away from the fossil fuels of oil, coal and gas to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and waves. Zambia is one of the 195 countries who agreed to this in 2016 at the big United Nations climate conference. Now it's time to act.


We all rely daily on energy to move around, to cook, to work, to light up our homes and to power the factories that produce our food and the goods that enable our modern lifestyles. How we produce electricity and energy affects the environment. 
Our current energy model is also unable to meet our development challenges, reduce our emissions nor provide electricity we can all afford. Yet we have solar potential on par with some of the best solar areas globally. We need to use it. If global temperatures rise above the defined level of 2 degrees Celsius, it will cause floods, drought, wildfires and intense unpredictable weather events. 

Did you know?

Global temperatures have been rising for over a century, speeding up in the last few years, and are now the highest on record.

© Blackbean Production/WWF

WWF promotes a transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. We are driving innovation and transformation towards a low-carbon economy. As we live in this fast changing climate we need to drastically cut emissions (mitigation) and learn new ways to cope (adaptation).


For more information about our work in climate&energy, send an email to the Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Bweendo Kabanda: bkabanda@wwfzam.org