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Forests are the lungs of our Earth.

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It's up to us to value and protect nature’s biodiversity.


Almost 300 million people, particularly in developing countries, live in forests.

Threats to the world’s forests are growing. Expanding agriculture, due to an increased population and shifts in diet, is responsible for most of the world’s deforestation. Illegal and unsustainable logging, usually resulting from the demand for cheap wood and paper, is responsible for most of the degradation of the world’s forests—the largest threat to the world’s forests. In degraded forests, small trees, bushes and plants often are severely damaged or dead; rivers are polluted; slopes are eroded; and more.

Did you know?

Between 250,000 to 300,000 hectares of forests are lost in Zambia yearly.

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We are working with the Forestry Department to ensure that Zambia's forests are better protected and sustainably managed in order to secure resilient biodiversity and ecosystem services through large scale forest landscape restoration.

For more information about our work in forests, send an email to the Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, Bweendo Kabanda: bkabanda@wwfzam.org