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Integrated Flow Assessment for the Kafue Flats Zambia: Phase 1 WATER RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT

Zambia’s Water Resources Management Act of 2011 brings into being a new Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA), paving the way for the nationwide formation of basin councils. These basin councils will be responsible for water resource management of particular basins (catchments). 
As a priority, each Council will develop its basin management strategy and a water allocation plan. In a piloting approach, the Kafue Basin is likely to be the first where WARMA will establish such a Council. WWF, in collaboration with WARMA, has initiated a new project focusing on water, land and reservoir management on the Kafue Flats to provide support for the development of the Kafue’s catchment management strategy.
The study shows that the highest water demand is for hydropower production.

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Kafue Flats: Water Resources Development