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Integrated Flow Assessment for the Kafue Flats Zambia: Phase 1 WILDLIFE & AQUATIC BIOTA

Zambia’s Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) has piloted the Kafue Basin for the establishment of a Basin Council that will be responsible for water resource management of the area. 
The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), in collaboration with WARMA, has initiated a project to address integrated flow management of the Kafue Flats with a key focus on water, land and reservoir management of the area. The project will be undertaken in two phases. Because of the substantial body of knowledge on the Flats that already exists, stretching back for several decades, Phase 1 will locate, collate, assess and synthesise all relevant information and data. This document is number 7 in a series of reports produced for Phase 1 and covers aquatic biota and wildlife of the Kafue Flats. Phase 2 will be a detailed analysis of past and projected future water availability and use, dam design and operation, and linked conservation and social aspects. Its purpose will be to provide a tool that can aid government and stakeholder discussions and decisions regarding water management of this important area.

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Kafue Flats: Wildlife & Aquatic Biota