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Integrated Flow Assessment for the Luangwa River Zambia: Phase 1 HYDRAULICS

The WWF, in collaboration with Zambia’s water management agency, WARMA, has launched an initiative to address integrated flow management of the Luangwa Basin, with the aim of providing support to WARMA for the development of this basin’s catchment management strategy. Core to the strategy will be agreeing on future Environmental Flows (EFlows) for the river system. 
The Luangwa EFlows Assessment is planned in two phases, with Phase 1 involving the collation and appraisal of available information; the division of the basin based on biophysical and social factors; and a rapid desktop estimate of EFlows. This is one of several Phase 1 reports, and covers the hydraulics component. Hydraulics is integral to holistic EFlow Assessments, since the biota respond to flow through the local hydraulic conditions it creates, such as water depth, velocity and area of inundation.

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Luangwa River: Hydraulics