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Upper Zambezi Project
© Jasper Doest/ WWF NL

Our Upper Zambezi Project aims to create a resilient Zambezi River basin for the benefit of people and nature.

What is the issue?
The Zambezi River basin supports up to 40 million people, playing a vital role in sustaining livelihoods and stimulating economic growth regionally. It provides a means of transportation and a source of food. Until relatively recently, the Upper Zambezi Landscape was relatively pristine and intact; however, recent developments in the region now threaten its integrity.
What are we doing?
Started in 2018, the Programme relies on a delivery model that is implemented through strong partners. We seek to provide key information towards ensuring sustainable natural resource use - and biodiversity conservation management, within the broader landscape. 
How do we do this?

WWF Zambia take an evidence based approached. As a result the first three years are research focused with the aim of developing biological, hydrological and socio economic baselines to inform conservation interventions in the landscape thereafter. 
We are also supporting the National Heritage Conservation Commission's efforts to seek protection of the Barotse Floodplain, through having it declared as a World Heritage Site.