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Caritas Chipata - Waseka School Champions Tree Planting in Kawaza Chiefdom

Caritas Chipata is educating people about the role they can play in combatting climate change, and supporting different efforts to do this, such as tree planting.

Through the support of WWF and the Zambian Governance Foundation, Caritas Chipata launched a tree-planting initiative at Waseka Community School, led by Chiefteness Kawaza of Kawaza chiefdom. The aim of this initiative is for the school children to begin to understand the importance of trees, and why they need to be preserved.
We are trying to restore what has been lost. We need to take care of what God has given us. Our children need to learn about planting trees, and teach their children to do the same”, said Chieftness Kawaza.
The trees were planted at the school and are watered by the community members, and so everyone is involved to ensure that they survive the dry season. The work of Caritas Chipata at Waseka School is just one of the efforts it is supporting to regenerate the forest, and mitigate climate change. 

From the activities implemented by Caritas Chipata, the community now has a better understanding of freshwater ecosystems and their importance. The traditional leader and community schools are participating in tree planting activities in order to restore the forests around Chipata, and are also involved in beekeeping. Furthermore, it formed environmental activist groups, that are responsible for disseminating  information about water and forest conservation to community members, all supported by WWF and the Zambia Governance Foundation.
By Nchimunya K Banda/WWF

© Jasper Doest/ WWF
Waseka Community tending to their trees
© Jasper Doest/ WWF
Chieftainess Kawaza aerates her trees in her chiefdom in Chipata, Eastern province, Zambia. She is restoring the forests in her chiefdom.