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Rising Fountains Development Project - Beekeepers Save Forests

The Rising Fountains Development Project aims to enhance improved forest management and regeneration of forest areas.

It is also aims to improve livelihoods through supporting forest conservation activities such as beekeeping and honey production to protect the Lundazi River. The project has been working with different groups and communities, including Sikazonga Village Network in Pikamalaza Community, in Lundazi from 2017. 

The Rising Fountains Development Project provided the group with 35 beehives to get them started, and also worked with the local Chief in the area to ensure that it was known that cutting down trees was illegal close to the river. The group was trained on beekeeping and good governance practices. From this initial training, the group expanded its number to 25 from 12, 90% being women. They then purchased 41 more beehives and harvest an average of 20 liters of honey.

The group uses the income from the beehives to support the community. So far, the group has been sponsoring orphaned children to school, it also buys uniforms for the community dance troupe and takes care of the vulnerable and old in the community.

The Sikazonga Village Network has taken care of us. They buy us medicine and basic essentials, such as soap and salt. We are really grateful for the support. I have 38 grandchildren, some of whom are orphaned and the group will be supporting some of these with school fees”, said Mrs Maria Yoana Banda, a 56 year old widow from the village.

WWF and the Zambian Governance Foundation supported the Rising Fountains Developmnet Project to continue the great work it begun, on protecting the Lundazi River. The beekeepers group has were also involved in planting trees around the Lundazi River, to restore the forest, with cutting of trees around this area now being prohibited as a directive from the traditional leader. 

By Nchimunya K Banda/WWF