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Breeze FM - Spreading the Conservation Message

Breeze FM begun transmission in 2002, covering all of Eastern Province.

The Luangwa River faces many threats emanating from human activities such as; deforestation and unsustainable agriculture. The river flows through Eastern province which is a farming dominated region, with most farmers practicing; extensive land clearing, cultivating along river banks, and using chemical fertilizers. Additionally, large scale irrigation of water in streams reduces the amount of water for users downstream and mining activities in the river have resulted in pollution, sometimes making the water unsafe to drink.

Breeze FM began transmission in 2002, reaching most of Eastern province. Supported by WWF and the Zambian Governance Foundation, the station worked with different government bodies such as the Water Resources Management Authority and Department of Forestry to disseminate information on the negative impacts the current trends had on the river. Furthermore, Breeze FM ran various programmes on the importance of protecting rivers for current and future generations.

Through its radio programmes, Breeze FM influenced decision makers and communities to value the Luangwa River and protect it. It has seen a mindset change among people, who are more aware about the importance of the Luangwa River.

By Nchimunya K Banda/WWF
A producer at Breeze FM in Chipata, Zambia